Synchrony’s Specialized Recruitment practice is deeply grounded in strategy, risk management and technology expertise. This key combination of skills allows us to provide organizations with a better understanding of human capital needs and workforce strategies.

Specialized Recruitment

Faced with a new regulatory landscape, organizations must understand the changing environment in order to compete effectively, while developing strategies to reduce the impact of internal and external forces. With our extensive experience in risk management, analytics and technology, we can help clients identify and design key levers for talent selection. By aligning ourselves with HR and leadership team, we provide insights into essential hiring practices that ultimately drive an organizations’ success. In their search for top talent, we help organizations answer the following questions:

  • Can you help our HR team better understand the current market environment?
  • Are we compensating our niche talent fairly based on the current market rate? Can you help us better understand the competitive environment?
  • We are conducting a specific search that requires a high degree of understanding of technical and risk or analytics management concepts. Can you use your experience and industry-wide contacts to help us find talent?

We help our clients find and retain full time talent and those seeking senior consulting roles with capabilities in the following areas:

  1. Quantitative Risk Analytics

    • market, credit, operational risk, CCR models development and validation
    • treasury analytics, liquidity and balance sheet management
    • risk ratings, asset-mix allocation, investment or insurance risk
    • Basel III, IFRS9, FRTB, MiFID II and other regulatory and compliance requirements
    • actuarial functional areas
    • data analytics, data science, big data

    Our candidates bring with them an exceptional academic background and outstanding analytical abilities. In addition to holding advanced degrees in quantitative disciplines, they bring numerous years of relevant experience.

  2. Risk Management IT, Information and Data Management

    • risk technology systems integration
    • enterprise risk data control
    • data quality and assurance
    • risk data aggregation and reporting
    • enterprise architecture and cloud architecture