We are a specialist firm. In addition to our globally recognized recruitment advisory practice, we provide a range of management advisory offerings designed to assist our clients with activities organized under business development, market analysis, organizational design, leadership development, and human capital strategies.

Our team of experts and academics assist clients in maneuvering complex management problems, while guiding them through the creation and application of new strategies and solutions.

We help senior leaders answer the following questions:

  • How do we develop the organization to meet regulatory requirements?
  • We are implementing a large scale transformational initiative. Can you help us develop a change management strategy?
  • How do we ensure the comprehension and embedding of change across all levels of our organization?
  • We expect a size reduction of our organization. Can you help us manage this transition with as little impact as possible on our culture and productivity?
  • We need to build new capabilities? Can you help us build the team, establish organizational structure and bring the skills needed to meet new requirements?
  • How do we develop succession plans in order to minimize operational risk that may stem from ineffective talent management practices?
  • Can we rely on the local workforce or do we need to search for top talent globally?

By working in collaboration with our clients, we can define an approach that delivers results and suitable talent strategies to support their growth and meet regulatory requirements.